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Our Story

We make super-charged, clean cultured products powered by probiotics for everyday wellness.

The idea of Giddy Citizen was born from a desire to create products that harnessed the zest of our Mama Earth with a full flex of flavour that was less junked and more fun. And leave the planet and its people a little more joyous with each sip or bite, too. Together, Giddy Citizen are committed to shaking up the wellness industry and are constantly exploring new avenues to do so.

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Get healthy, the joyful way.

We create high-performing, multi-functioning, probiotic-powered goods that are designed to enhance your health, while providing a fun and engaging experience that promotes joy.

High performing products that are calibrated to deliver real results.

We believe in creating products that are first and foremost, effective. This means using only 100% natural and Non-GMO ingredients combined with probiotics at levels and percentages that generate results. We’re proud to stand behind our super-charged, high-performing products because we see first-hand the power they bestow.

Good for you, good for the planet.

We create products that work in harmony with our planet. We’re currently developing a recycling program to move further towards a circular model, and are also looking to become a charitable ‘give-back’ company, supporting a select few charities for every purchase sold.

Our entire supply chain puts our planet first, this includes water and electricity conservation, using planet-positive products to enable our production and only collaborating with suppliers and partners who share the same love and respect for our Mama Earth as we do. So you can feel good and do good at the same time.

Proud of our Aussie roots.

We are proudly Australian—locally made and universally loved. We’re proud to champion seasonal, locally sourced and all natural Australian products.

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